Sunday, October 31, 2010

AnonyaMouse is back

Well, things were pretty good yesterday, until the phone rang.
For those who read here, but don't know me, my mother has Alzheimers, and some unscrupulous family
have taken over her care.  Some of her brothers and sisters have finally figured out how badly she has been manipulated, and now feel she is being given something to make her appear worse than she actually is.  I  have been out maneuvered at every turn, so I can only sit back and watch, and hope that things aren't as bad as they make them seem.    All I can do is pray that God watches over her, and makes sure she is kept safe from these people.  But, it does hurt to watch this go on, and know I'm powerless to intervene.


  1. For those of you that don't know Jett will be amazed to find out what a strong and giving woman she is...We are sisters by heart and I have watched her struggle with this the last couple of years. Say a prayer for her as she wades through this family mess! Hugs-SIS!! Diana

  2. Thank you sis, yes, we are sisters by heart, and if we don't meet this side of Heaven, I hope to meet you there. Or will we be such cut ups that they'll send us south?
    Love ya sis.