Thursday, June 30, 2011


Some days, I feel like I'm doing well on forgivenss of those that have wronged me, other days, I still want a chance to slap them upside the head and ask WHY.  It is a true struggle for me, and i wonder if it is as much a struggle for others.

An update on the date post...It seems that youngest grandson and his 'girl' held hands all through the movie..
How cute! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Date,

Do you remember your very first date?
Who was the guy/girl?  First names only, don't want to get any people upset.
Actually, I don't remember my very first date, can't remember who the lucky guy was, isn't that terrible?
Maybe I can explain that a bit better, I don't know if going bicycle riding as a group, when asked by a guy to join the group, was a date, or if being invited to go riding on the motor bike would be considered a date. 
Same guy...
Anyway, this isn't about me.
Today my grandson had his first date to the movies with a girl.
Actually there were 3 girls, his mom, his date's mom, and then the
girl he is dating.  You see, they are 8 years old, so neither was able to drive today.
He was so excited at church this morning, he also asked his 2 cousins to go with them, they are 8 and 11.
He told them that he couldn't sit with them, though, because he was sitting with his girl friend.
In case you think this is a sudden thing, she invited him to her birthday party about 3 months ago, wasn't going to invite another boy, until her mom explained it might be best to have another one there, so she invited one more..
I'm thinking 4 or so months 'liking' each other at 8 years old, is a pretty steady relationship, but we haven't rented tuxes yet.

And now for the next story...
Other daughter went grocery shopping Friday afternoon.
Hadn't been inside her vehicle since, until she got ready to go to church this morning.
Seems someone forgot to get a large package of chicken out of the back,
so the car was quite aromatic to say the least. 
She fumagated the kids and herself before going into the church,
after driving with the windows down to get there.
I asked her if the car was for sale, cheap, today.
She sprinkled baking soda in the back.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

12 minutes and 25 minutes........

Second Grandson is here this morning, he has a standing order for homemade biscuits and southern gravy, which involves either bacon or sausage crumbled into the mix.. I walked into the kitchen at 7:35am, pulled out the flour and the shortening, and made biscuits, sliced some sausage, and got it cooking, then pitched the biscuits into the oven.  It took 12 whole minutes, from the time I walked in until I was back in my computer chair, waiting to hear it start sizzling.  Now I'm waiting on the smoke alarm to go off, signaling that the meat is done, and I'll mix up the gravy, fix hubby a couple of eggs, and put on my french maids uniform to serve it.  I would don my waitress outfit, but the only tip they ever leave is dirty dishes, and tell me to make a bigger pan of gravy next time.

20 minutes after setting the food on the table, it is now mostly consumed, and I've heard no complaints.

You've heard the You Might Be a Redneck jokes, I'm sure.   I used to have a shirt that said: "You might be a Redneck if your Dog doubles as your dishwasher".   I paid more for that particular tee shirt than any other I have owned.  Even the mayor of the town about 10 miles away stopped me in a store, and asked where I'd found it, he wanted one for himself.   Anyway the dishwashers are under the table, waiting impatiently to get to work, so I better get into the kitchen and clean off the table before they decide to wash it...their dishes are waiting for their share of the leftovers, the dogs like my cooking, too.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do Obituaries strike you as funny?

I'm not talking about people dying being funny, I'm talking about the way that obituaries are written these days.  Or at least in our part of the south..

I remember in the 'olden days' that an obituary listed name and age of the person who passed away, his parents and siblings, his wife, children, and sometimes grandchildren, location of the funeral and the dates, who was conducting the service, and the name of the cemetery.  That is it...

Today I read the local obituaries, and discovered that Robert E. Lee has passed into heaven, where his mom and dad, Robert Michael and Minnie Keller Lee were waiting with open arms.  Along with his grandparents, great grand parents, and a dog and a couple of cats.  They will all be waiting for his wife, Mary Beth, and 3 children, Robert E Lee Jr, Marcus Ambrose Lee and Martha June Lee to join them for a family hug... He will also be waiting for his coon dog and his best friend, Bubba.

Yes, I did elaborate a bit more than the original obituary, but not a lot...I'm serious, I've read some really out there obits lately, since my friend, Mary, started making books of them....She's on book 9 at this time.

Maybe I should write my own, make it short and sweet, anyone want to help.....

Monday, June 20, 2011

OKIE DOKE, if that's the way you want to play...

I took out a new credit card recently, had an issue when I applied, they didn't think it was 2 old foogies applying... Then I finally convince them that I am who I say I am, and get the card, only to end up with some stupid charge that isn't mine, first thing, got that one removed, and told them no, neither of us had purchased anything from the Apple Store, I bought my apples locally, lol. 

I get my bill this month, that charge is back, I call the card company again, and find that Apple is still trying to charge  stuff to my card, along with the other web charge.  Well they finally launched a fraud investigation, canceled those cards, and will issue more... One charge on them that isn't mine, and I'm canceling the cards, and won't take any more from this company.

Then doctor ordered hubby new glasses, or was supposed to, when he was there in May.  No glasses, so I call today, and somehow, they didn't get ordered, hubby wanted darker colored lenses....but that won't happen, since they reordered the same old ones he already has....Oh well, free is free.

Some days it don't pay to get outta bed....then other days, you should crawl under the bed...

Isn't it funny how some kids take their looks after the wrong parent....
I mean, the little girl that is the spitting image of her dad, who may be a decent looking man, but sure doesn't make a pretty little girl...I know a couple who have two little girls who are their dad made over, down to the high hair line. and the big ears...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To be or not to be....

Today is one of those days when my brain feels full of cotton batting, and doesn't work really well. 
Hopefully no one will ask me to do any serious thinking, or cook anything slightly complicated.
I'm a little frustrated, as I had planned on doing some things today, but they will wait til a 'clearer day'.

Praying about a situation, and asking God to make clear the path that should be taken. He's been pointing the way for me, pretty clearly lately, so I hope this one also has a definate answer, even if it is a year or so in the making. 

Granddaughter just came into house with one of the 'wild' kittens.  She has the patience it takes to stand and wait and watch, until she gets them to trust her enough to pick them up.  At barely 8, that is a gift.  Most kids that age don't have that kind of patience.
Taking the grandkids to get an eye exam today, and to a Radio Disney program at the library.  With the heat and humidity, there isn't much they can do outside, so I thought this should keep them busy for a couple of hours.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June and no June Bugs

I guess they'll show up in July. 

I signed out of this account, and couldn't get signed back in, so I couldn't post, and now today it is working.
Our Memorial Day was great, had a cookout, and got a chance to visit with some family we don't see often.

Now the weather has turned HOT HOT HOT, and our power went off for a couple of hours today.

School ended for the grands today, so all are out for the summer. I suspect that I'll get a lot of time with them, while other grandparents take some time off.   I'm setting some new rules as older grandson seems to think he can do whatever he wants, I caught him with the video camera the last time he was here. Give him an inch, and you know the rest of that story.

This is a pair of ringnecked doves that visit often
they don't seem to be fearful of me.
Hoping they nest and give us more visitors for next year.