Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Musings

Yes, I know that it is the 15th, and Valentine's Day is over.   My musings will be about what the day means to different people.
I remember about 18, how I wished my friend would buy me candy, like the boyfriends and hubbys of my coworkers.
At 20, the friend I had then, did buy me a big box of candy, and I kept the box for years, even though he and I broke up shortly after Valentine's Day.

Shortly after I married, I realized that I'd gotten another one of those that didn't purchase roses, candy or other trinkets for me, on Valentines..But he made up for it in other ways, and over the years, he's been known to surprise me, a diamond or two here or there. 

If you know me, you'll know I don't like big stones, I've ruined many sweaters and other things with a ring that stands up too tall to suit me.  I have a 'smoke diamond', which is not a real diamond, but most people can't tell the difference, which is large, and catches everything.   My wedding band is a simple gold band, with alternating rows of small diamonds and sapphires, which I picked out, and then showed it to him.  The first ring he bought me, was a wide gold band, with a jade band centered in it.  I broke it when I was in an accident, and though the company replaced it, the new one didn't fit.  The 2nd ring he bought me, is a 12 stone diamond band, which I also picked out..He didn't like it all that much, but, he waited several months, then surprised me with it for my birthday.  He likes the larger stones, lol.  He has learned though, that if I like it, I'll wear it, if not, it sets in the box.

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  1. Your rings ALL sound beautiful, Anon! I am the same way. I have jewelry that I never wear because it is not something I love. I have worn the same necklace for about 20 years. It is Jesus on an anchor (sailor's crucifix I think it is called) and it is on a thin gold chain. It is a daily reminder to me of who my real anchor is in life. Hugs- Diana