Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do Obituaries strike you as funny?

I'm not talking about people dying being funny, I'm talking about the way that obituaries are written these days.  Or at least in our part of the south..

I remember in the 'olden days' that an obituary listed name and age of the person who passed away, his parents and siblings, his wife, children, and sometimes grandchildren, location of the funeral and the dates, who was conducting the service, and the name of the cemetery.  That is it...

Today I read the local obituaries, and discovered that Robert E. Lee has passed into heaven, where his mom and dad, Robert Michael and Minnie Keller Lee were waiting with open arms.  Along with his grandparents, great grand parents, and a dog and a couple of cats.  They will all be waiting for his wife, Mary Beth, and 3 children, Robert E Lee Jr, Marcus Ambrose Lee and Martha June Lee to join them for a family hug... He will also be waiting for his coon dog and his best friend, Bubba.

Yes, I did elaborate a bit more than the original obituary, but not a lot...I'm serious, I've read some really out there obits lately, since my friend, Mary, started making books of them....She's on book 9 at this time.

Maybe I should write my own, make it short and sweet, anyone want to help.....

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  1. LOL- Well, NO cuz I don't want to think about you being dead yet! LOL They are awful here too. I especially the ones that list all the survivors and then add all the family pets right down to the bird! Or the ones that tell you what the person did from the minute they were born-the day they got potty trained and the last time they kissed their spouse goodnight!;>) Great post!