Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Date,

Do you remember your very first date?
Who was the guy/girl?  First names only, don't want to get any people upset.
Actually, I don't remember my very first date, can't remember who the lucky guy was, isn't that terrible?
Maybe I can explain that a bit better, I don't know if going bicycle riding as a group, when asked by a guy to join the group, was a date, or if being invited to go riding on the motor bike would be considered a date. 
Same guy...
Anyway, this isn't about me.
Today my grandson had his first date to the movies with a girl.
Actually there were 3 girls, his mom, his date's mom, and then the
girl he is dating.  You see, they are 8 years old, so neither was able to drive today.
He was so excited at church this morning, he also asked his 2 cousins to go with them, they are 8 and 11.
He told them that he couldn't sit with them, though, because he was sitting with his girl friend.
In case you think this is a sudden thing, she invited him to her birthday party about 3 months ago, wasn't going to invite another boy, until her mom explained it might be best to have another one there, so she invited one more..
I'm thinking 4 or so months 'liking' each other at 8 years old, is a pretty steady relationship, but we haven't rented tuxes yet.

And now for the next story...
Other daughter went grocery shopping Friday afternoon.
Hadn't been inside her vehicle since, until she got ready to go to church this morning.
Seems someone forgot to get a large package of chicken out of the back,
so the car was quite aromatic to say the least. 
She fumagated the kids and herself before going into the church,
after driving with the windows down to get there.
I asked her if the car was for sale, cheap, today.
She sprinkled baking soda in the back.

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