Saturday, July 9, 2011

Down Memory Lane

Just a few years ago, this little fella came into my life
and now he is over 11 years old.
At 1 year, he was attacked by a huge rottie, so
he doesn't get along well with big dogs.
But he loves kittens, would play with them and bathe them,
Sadly, he is allergic to cats, lol.
We discovered this, when we got another dog who isn't
cat friendly, and they can no longer come into the fenced yard,
that is when he quit having alergy problems.

Doesn't this just give you a warm feeling?
Reminds me of all the drawings my daughters did, when
they were young.  And the coffee table that ended up with
oil paints all over it, when they did those paint by numbers pictures.
And you know how everyone is wearing feathers and tensile in their hair?
Granddaughter wanted some, but we didn't have a place to get them right then.
These were from a Northern Flicker, who fell victim to a cat
so with a little 'sanitizing' we then temporarily put them in her hair, just to keep her entertained
while the weather was so hot.  She now has  pink and teal feathers in her hair.
She also put some in my hair, lol, lots of pulling and twisting, only to have them fall out about
an hour later..
Granddaughters are great to have around, entertaining, and always wanting to give you a manicure or a pedicure, and a new hair do...I draw the line at scissors, though.

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  1. Awwww-You're no fun! No scissors? But you let them use nail clippers?;>) We have fun too with all these summer "monkeys" hanging around!

    How funny-I never realized a dog could be allergic to a cat! xo Diana