Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reconnecting with Relatives

I used to be a real genealogy nut, researching the lines and always on the hunt for new family.  I met a descendant of my great great grandfather, who suprisingly only lives about 40 miles away, and we visited, and shared information.  He was still teaching at that time, and I was tending the grandkids, so, even though we didn't actually lose complete contact, we were out of touch.  With the new, higher speed internet, I kind of did some surfing, and found 'Danny's' new email address.  It bounced...but he had posted his new phone number, so I called him, and we talked about 30 minutes.  He gave me some new information on a brother of my great grandmother, and I shared a couple of names with him. He's found the location of a couple of graves that had been 'lost', and I offered to donate toward putting markers there, so they won't be lost, again.

These are the things I missed doing,while caring for others. And though I am sorry things happened as they did, and they got themselves in the fix they are in, with their caregivers, I no longer am devastated. I can go back to my life, without feeling I've abandoned them, and someone else gets to deal with it.

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  1. Oh- I know! I am happy you are able to pick up the pieces and move along with your life too. How wonderful that you were able to reconnect with your relative. My aunt did a complete history on my father's family back to the 1600's and that was before the internet. I can remember her mailing off letter after letter after letter to try to figure things out...and then she would get replies that were just dead ends. We each have a copy of the history in a paper bound booklet.

    I'm betting you weren't related to SOME of the relatives you have! Hugs~ Diana