Monday, March 21, 2011

Uptown? yes we are!

You know that you are uptown when you have a closed circuit security system hooked up and 3 'guards' checking the video. 
My hubby is an electronics nut, and if it is cheap, he'll buy 3 of them, to have spares.  At an auction last weekend, he bid on, and purchased 4 video cameras and a complete monitoring system, having no clue if they worked.
Well, today, grand kids are here, and they sent me to the store for gas for the 4 wheelers. While I was gone, a whole 10 minutes, they took over my garage, set up 2 cameras, and were watching traffic pass, and the dog pen by the time I returned.  I think they now have the bird feeder and the cats watched, with the other two cameras. I had to park outside when I got back...
If you need a monitoring system, and people to watch, while you are on vacation, I'll rent them all out for a good price, plus food.  They like to eat, and they like to eat often, by the way.

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  1. Only at your house, Anon! could happen here too! I rather like the idea of a camera on the birds...then I would know which squirrel was guilty of eating the bird food! xxoo Diana