Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not your typical Easter Visitor

I rescued an Easter visitor today, but it wasn't exactly a bunny rabbit.
I'd just put lunch on the table, and all of a sudden Flash the wonder dog treed something in the yard. As I went to see what it was, Huckleberry Hound ran out the door, and before I could get to the steps, they were on either side of this thing on the ground, and were about to attack.  I grabbed the shovel, and got between them and the thing, and eased it toward the fence, while putting the shovel between whichever dog was closer.

Finally, we made it to the fence, and made it through while still trying to keep the dogs from grabbing it's tail.
Here is
Easter Rescue
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Isn't it beautiful?
It is a 4+ ft long
Speckled King Snake,
handy to have around.


  1. Ohhhh...He looks a little skeeeryyy to me! Let's not let Logan see him! xxoo Diana

  2. He is my entry into this months photo contest, a different shot from this. King Snakes are good mousers, and kill poisonous snakes.