Thursday, December 30, 2010

All Good Things must End

And, so I hope, do all bad things.  2010 has not been the best of years by any stretch of the imagination, for us...It started off with a death in the family, and went downhill from there.  There have been some high points, but all in all, I am praying that 2011 starts off better, and continues uphill through the end of the year.

May your New Years Eve be a safe one, and New Years Day bring joy and friendship to you.
I know I'm a day early, but if you know me for very long, you'll find that there is only one thing I put off until the last minute...TAXES!

1 comment:

  1. lol...Happy New Year to you, Anon! You're the best "sis" ever...and I am blessed to know you better and better as the years go by! You always put a smile on my face...well, except tonight--tonight I have the flu and I am thinking of drawing a smiley face on the toilet seat...just thought I would mention it. Say a little prayer that I heal overnight and can work tomorrow. Off to bed with me-..Hugs- Diana