Saturday, December 4, 2010

Four letter weather word

For those of you from the 'frozen north' I'm sure this weather in the southern part of the country would probably bring out the shorts and tees. For us below the Mason Dixon Line, anything below 50 makes our blood as thin as water, and we start shivering in our heavy winter clothing.
Yes, the temp outside is 50, but it is dropping tonight and by sometime Sunday night the weather forcasters are saying 4 letter words for some areas in the region.
Go to the grocery store on a day that 4 letter word is mentioned, and you'll find people grabbing things off the shelf, as if they may get '4 letter word then add ed' in for weeks. I only remember 3 times that we got '4 l w, add ed inserted here' for more 2 days, and actually one of those was a 3 letter word, starting with I and ending with CE. It even forced Santa to delay things for a day or two when items were on lay-away, back when they actually had lay-away at stores.

Wondering why I don't have the option to insert photos on this blog, again

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  1. Weird that you can't insert pictures! I have to say that we don't have any snow yet-but there is no doubt we will have more than our share soon...and it IS cold here! I just realized-Does ANYONE have Lay-Away anymore? I used that when our kids were little! K-Mart might have been the last hold out? Hugs- Diana