Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays

Starting with Daughter in Law, we have birthdays on the 3rd, hubby's sister is on the 5th, and hubby's birthday is the 6th of December.  That is a lot of cake.
Then my twin's birthday is on December 12th, you see, I am the older twin, I was born about 22 days before she was.  I'll bet each of our parents would be a bit confused over this twin thing, since our birth certificates say nothing about multiple births.  But I learned long ago, that being siblings doesn't make you close, and being sisters at heart, doesn't require 'common' parents, or even living in the same area. I'm actually closer to my sisters at heart, than I am my actual siblings. I guess some may wonder why I can feel this way, but that is a story for another day.  Today, we're celebrating birthdays, those already past, and those yet to come.  And  on December 25th, we will celebrate the most important birthday of all, the birth of Jesus Christ, So, how many  Birthday Cards will you be mailing out to celebrate Christ's birth, this year?  It really isn't about the gifts we recieve, or give, at this time of year, the only gift we can give Jesus, is loving and treating each other well.

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  1. Thank you sis...you make me feel like crying...especially since I missed YOUR birthday! We are, indeed, sisters of the heart..and I am blessed to have found you several years ago just by chance!
    Hugs- Diana