Monday, December 20, 2010

So who is excited about Christmas..

I laughed today, as grandson started shaking his present, and keeps asking if I am sure I actually put the gift inside...He shook his cousin's present, then his again, then cousins, then his.  He keeps telling us that cousin's present makes a noise, and his doesn't, they are the same size, so why doesn't his make a noise.
Four more days, and he will find out what is in that box, and I hope he enjoys it as much as I've enjoyed him shaking and shaking and wondering, and even offering to open it to see if there is actually anything inside.  'But, we can rewrap it, once I'm sure...'


  1. That is SOOO funny. Being as the boxes are the same it the same thing? I love kids at Christmastime. hugs-Diana

  2. Yes, they both are getting the same thing, they are both into LEGGOS, so I bought them a gift card to get the ones they wanted, and taped them to the bottom of the box. One must have come loose.

  3. Oh that's funny!! I'm dreading the day BabyE gets into Legos.....those things hurt like hell when you step on them :) Merry Christmas!