Thursday, December 16, 2010

I tried, I really did

I've had trouble posting on here, the last couple of times that I've tried.
I'd get it all written out, then it will tell me I need to sign in, even though I'm supposed to be signed in to start posting.  By the time I get signed in, the post has gone to blogger hades, never to be seen again.
One was even a funny post, and I could hear you chuckling as I typed it, figuring it would be entertaining to you.  Well, when it disappeared, I didn't think it was too funny.

Idiot soon to be x sil is disappearing this weekend, and yes, it is his weekend....he's even leaving a day early, so I'll be taking gs to school tomorrow. And now word has drifted down that he's 'seeing' one of daughter's friends, or used to be friends.  Guess the one that got a divorce, that spurred this divorce, figured out he didn't have as much money, since daughter's paycheck wasn't paying for everything.  .

BTW, has anyone mentioned to you that Christmas will be here in just over 7 days....?  I guess that means that I'd better get out and find a couple of gifts..I've not purchased anything except some oils and butters...
May your soap float and your perfume be smelly.

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