Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold Colder Coldest...

Well folks, it seems that the weather is terrible even in the usually glorious south. 
My friends in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and even Georgia are all crying foul over the heavy snow and just plain cold.  Now one friend in South Louisiana invited us all down to her house, where it is in the mid 50s today.
My location has been 34 degrees for a high today and the wind chill kept it in the 20s. 
So what do you do if it is too cold to be outside?
We at lunch at our 'favorite spot' with the others who rather pay than do the cooking.
Then we stopped at the grocery store, got some peanuts to roast, and
came home, put a cake in the oven, and peanuts went in a short time later.
Now I'm waiting  for the chicken and mushroom soup to get done.
There is wood on the porch for the fire, and there is plenty of food.


  1. Sounds cozy! I love soup on a cold night - or any night for that matter! I made pasta and marinara tonight: my husbands favorite cold-weather meal. :)

  2. me a bowl, will you? I didn't have a chance to cook today! We have a lot more snow than my daughter (above) has...she is South of us about 90 miles or so. They were just getting a dusting and we were getting 15" inches.

    You must be really freezing there to have it so cold and not be used to that kind of weather. Brrrr....bundle up good and protect that cough of yours! hugs- Diana