Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday, rain and deep thoughts

Or maybe they aren't so deep after all.

I mentioned a few days ago how sometimes Sisters at Heart were closer than
birth sisters. 

I have 2 birth sisters,
#1 has been a manipulator, thief, user, and drug addict for the past 35+ years.  A licensed nurse who has been caught stealing patients medications on more than one occasion. Yes, there is proof, I've read the letters from the state board of nursing when they pulled her license. She got mad because I wouldn't let her buy me groceries with her food stamps, and me give her cash. She hasn't spoken to me since. this incident.
 At the time she was living with a couple who wish not to be named, and she was paying them nothing. 
She came up behind me and aimed her car at me  in a grocery store parking lot, about 5 months ago, and missed me by inches, all the while cackling like the witch on Wizard of Oz.

I used to wish for a sibling, now I'd give anything to take that wish back.

#2 I'll talk about that, in awhile.


  1. Oh Anon--- How sad for you. It's too bad we couldn't pick the siblings that we want, isn't it? I am blessed to have a wonderful brother...and I always wished I had a sister. I do...but it's a sister of the heart...and not a biological one. I'll keep the one I found! Hugs, sis- Diana

  2. #2 sister isn't so bad, in fact she is a pretty good sis, in the grand scheme of things.
    But Sister of the Heart is really a special lady, and she is celebrating a birthday today!