Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11th Day of 2011

Yes, we have made it 11 days into the new year, and so far nothing really really bad has happened, some bumps in the road, but nothing we are not able to handle.
I stuck my foot in my mouth once this week.  Met a guy in the grocery store that we've known for at least 23-24 years.  I asked about his wife, and he said,  "we aren't together anymore, divorce in the works"...
oops, well I didn't know, and told him that I was sorry, didn't mean to seem to be prying, but I really didn't know.  He said he knew that.  Now he lives north of us, and apparently she lives just south of us.
He and my hubs used to work for same company, and we would all go out to dinner together, occasionally. 27 years, down the drain.  Makes you think, doesn't it?

And are you thrilled that college football is over?  Personally, I'm ready for baseball, Nascar Racing, and planting things in the garden.


  1. It is odd to run into someone you used to go to dinner with and find they are getting divorced. We have had that happen too...and it is always awkward.

    We are still in the throes (or would that be throws considering the topic) of football season here. Everyone is hoping the Packers win this week which will put them closer to the Super Bowl.

    I can't believe that you are thinking about planting things yet. We can't plant outside until AFTER Memorial Day...is that crummy, or what? I will live vicariously through your blog about gardening- Pictures are appreciated! Hugs- Diana

  2. 27 years is a long time to put up with someone and then just quit. I always wonder about people who get divorced after such a long time. I think maybe all the dirty socks laying all over the place must finally get to people after a while. Who knows.
    Anyway, we had a little mishap at our house last night - you should check out the picture of Baby E's lip on my blog....