Thursday, January 6, 2011

Up and working

Our new satellite system is up and running.  I have one issue.  They set up an email and password for me.  Well, I can log into the system, but I cannot log into the email.. So I am really not sure what to do now.  I know it has a 'secret question' which I have the answer to, but, I never get that screen.
Oh well, I have 4 more email addresses to screw up. lol.  And I'll probably just use the Gmail one I already have..  The fun part is going to be switching all those site emails, you know you forget half of them, and won't be able to get to them, again.  But I'll just reregister, if I have to, when I go to buy from those companies again..
Videos actually load, and I'll check to see if  your site loads better, Nana.

Ive been sorting through email addresses, a lot I am deleting a bunch, no need to contact them, or them, me, anymore.  I sent the uncle who is a pain, a message that I no longer could be reached at 'this' email address as we no longer had internet service here.  No, he isn't getting my new address, as he'll just spam me.  lol. 


  1. So glad it's working for you! It is nice to clean out the email address book once in a while, too!

  2. I need to clean mine out too, Anon! I have some in there that I don't even know who they obiviously I don't NEED them! Glad you have your service. See you in BLOG land! xxoo Diana

  3. Idiot alert, I figured out that I was putting the email address in wrong,Duh...So now I have it kind of figured out.