Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2,

The service this morning was about starting over...No, that wasn't the topic exactly, but that is what I got out of it.  How a new year is like a clean slate, that we can write on daily, and that is how I feel about it, too. Last year started ok, but by the time we hit mid way, it had really gotten littered with a big load of  redos and won't dos, and it was just a relief to leave it behind, and start again.  My mood lifted greatly with the new years arrival.
Now, if we can make it through football season, basketball season, and into gardening season, we'll be on our way.

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  1. Oh- I am feeling the same way, Anon~ I am sitting here at the computer taking a breather. The kitchen looks like a bomb exploded in it....some kids are at the game...some family is downstairs watching football and I am doing laundry and taking deep breaths to unwind.

    I am looking forward to an exciting new year..I am always anxious to see what it will bring- Hugs, sis- Diana