Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8, and I'm still sane, kind of, anyway

2011 has started off pretty good, in my opinion.  Things have worked out well on everything we've tried to do, so far, which usually doesn't happen. I sent out notices of email change, and it seems most of my friends are still at the addresses I had in my book. I even made contact with a cousin who I hadn't heard from in about 4 years,when I sent out the message.  I didn't even feel the need, when he actually put fingers to keypad, and called today, to fill him in on the details with mom.  He asked, and I said she has dementia, and left it mostly there.

 Hubby and I have not disagreed about whose turn it is to use the computer at all, which is kind of surprising, and he's even offered the computer, when he thinks he's hogged, errr been there more than his share, lol.
Yes, so far, 2011 is going well, and there is only 357 days to go.

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  1. Yeaaaa! So good!!! I'm proud of you, takes a bigger person than most to not spill your guts to everyone when you have been hurt beyond measure. You have done a good job of taking the high road. Hugs, sis- Diana