Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10, and all is well..........

If you like snow, and cold, that is.  Of course, after hearing about the north, and the digging out there, a little bit of snow isn't so bad.  You have to realize that few around here know how to drive in it though.  Heard one guy say that the entertainment today is watching people slip and slide on the hilly street in front of his house. 

Was hoping a few more would comment on the story I posted, guess I need to get out and beat the bushes for more followers.  I'm just not good at that, though.  

So, what is going on in your part of the world?  Hopefully you are warm and well fed...


  1. I just wrote a big long post here and hit exit before word verifying...DRAT!!!! Anyway, I said I loved this book and that you should try BlogFrog..that's kind of where I started and got the first 10-15 followers through there (after my initial ones). I quit because I don't want to get too big...where I lose touch with the personal interaction I have with followers. Also, anymore I am pretty choosy as to who I will follow. Good luck,sis- Hugs-Diana....oh yea...I also said your short story was FANTASTIC!! You are right-You need to get your self OUT there--

  2. Hey-if you are going to use word verifier...see if you can get it to show up at the bottom of the screen right that you don't have to hit Post Comment and then wait for the verifier to come up. I am so used to hitting Post Comment and leaving that I often forget to wait. I took my own off and have not had ONE spam comment...and if you do, you can just permanently delete them and then block that person anyway. Just a thought- Hugs- D