Sunday, January 16, 2011

changing email addresses

Good gosh, it is almost worse than moving, to have to notify all those places and people that you are changing email addresses.  In the 13 years that I've had internet, I've had 3 'main' email addresses, provided by internet provider.  I've never had a lot of problems with them, so I've used them for my main email...Of course I've got 3 or so hotmail addresses, a yahoo address, and then there is Gmail...which I use for my main 'non internet provider' email. I signed up for it, several year ago...Well, I needed an email for hub's paypal acct, and I decided to do the is a lot more complicated now, they even have to call and verify you are 'real' before they activate your acct. And, unlike when I signed up, it was a lot harder to find an email address that we liked that wasn't 'used.'  Maybe we should have used 'anonyamouse',    I till have a few days,before I 'undo' this internet, and havethe phone line turned off.  In that time, I'll try and get all the important ones switched...and then his downloading into  the outlook...I'll continue to check mine online.  Or have it download to the other computer...
privacy issue, you know....


  1. What a mean you can't just get a new gmail acct. now without them calling to verify? Guess that might blow a few people's "covers". Have a great night- I am off to bed soon. Hugs- Diana

  2. That is correct, I had to put in a phone #, they called and gave me a verification # to put in, to activate that acct.