Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did you ever wonder

Who started the tradition of a bride wears white on her wedding day?
And has it ever crossed your mind, why a woman who has been married several times, would think it proper to wear white?
Personally, I think white is for the first time bride, a pale color or tea dyed (yes like late 60s early 70s)
 for #2, but no white.
#3 should be a little more colorful, and by the time you get to #5 and up, I'm thinking it should be tie dyed like a late 60's hippy dress.
I'm thinking of starting a new business, tie dyed, elastic waisted dresses for those who seem to get married annually, that way they can pack them away and not waste money on
new dresses with every walk down the runway.
Maybe something similar to these colors.


  1. Well, I know who you're talking about but I doubt others do. I'm thinking a tied-dyed wedding dress for Wedding #5 might be just about right-lol Let's see...what kind of headdress would one wear with that? A hippie headband with a bit of feathers dangling down the back? lol LOVE the birds, Anon~ Hugs- Diana

  2. YAYAYAAYAAA You took off the word verifier...Way to go~! Wow- Now it is back..that is totally weird..

  3. Checking back in...I am headed to Yuku now...finally....long day