Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another day, another dollar!

Today, I  boxed some gourmet soaps that were ordered for Christmas.  My sales this year have improved over last year, at least.  I'd love for them to get to where they were before the recession hit, but this fills some of the gaps and lets me buy a few things that I would have to do without, if I didn't sell them.  The Peppermint Patty fragranced soap is holding the fragrance well. Mr. AnonyaMouse still says it smells like candy.  Hopefully, no one will bite into it, as they did the little chocolate hearts I custom made for a lady who wanted them for teacher gifts. I still laugh, thinking about how that teacher's face must have looked when the bite tasted like soap, but smelled and looked like chocolate.

Yes, Nana, they tried to carry off the gourmet mustards and sauces I'd bought to use for the leftover turkey and ham. I had to practically grab it out of his hand, as he started tucking it into his bag of goodies he was carrying off.  I won't miss those dinners at all.

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