Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm a Clock Nut

I am surrounded by clocks in almost every room of my house, some antique, some decorative, and some that are just for convenience. There are 8 visible from where I'm sitting now, and that doesn't include the one on the computer....  So when I found the application to put a clock on my blog, I couldn't resist.
It is an easy site to use, and the selection is great.  I'm wondering if I can add more of them.  I could do one for every time zone in the USA...
I'm wondering if I can put it on my Yuku site, too...have to check into that , tomorrow.
Have a great night,

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  1. Oh...another LOVE we share! I LOVE clocks and have them in every room in the house. It is the family joke! I think it is because I have always had such a sense of the passage of time..even when I was a little kid. Weird, huh, sis? Oh- And by the way, I can't see the clock here at work..but I am assuming it is great!>) Hugs-Diana