Friday, November 12, 2010

Mini pigs in a blanket, and other fun stuff.

What would you take, if you were attending a function, and were asked to bring a finger food?

Our church is having a Ladies evening out, except, since most of us are older and aren't allowed out after dark, we are doing it as a Ladies Afternoon out. Anyway, it is mostly to allow the newer members to get acquainted, and have a chance to visit.  Everyone is supposed to bring finger foods, and since I don't usually do finger foods, I decided to make Mini Pigs in a Blanket.  One Crescent roll will make 3, so I figure a couple of packages of rolls, and a package of Lil Smokies, along with some swiss cheese, will work out pretty good. 
It will be interesting to see the variety.


  1. Well, that sounds like a fun little pick up food. My kids still love something I have made since I was first is so easy and stupid You take a package of that dried beef (slices) and spread each piece with a tablespoon of softened cream cheese and then roll it up in a "tube". I add chives to my cream cheese. Isn't that just a funny's salty and mooshy! Hugs- Diana

  2. sounds good Diana,
    I considered chicken salad, with crackers, but I was looking for quick, cheap and know, like.......... oh never mind.