Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reflections, page ll

I was pregnant with youngest daughter, when we had the wreck mentioned in the last post.  We just didn't know it yet.  This child could find anything, some days I thought she could read my mind.

Miss Priss was 6 in 1984 and was in school, so I felt pretty confident in purchasing Christmas gifts a little early in October.  I'd found the cutest doll on sale, and figured Santa would love to present it to her for Christmas.
I took it to my bedroom, and  hid it under several items beside my dresser.  A couple of days later, she had a slight temp, so I kept her home from school.  About noon I went into my bedroom to fold some laundry on the bed, of course she followed, to 'help'.  Suddenly I hear her squeal, "A DOLL", how pretty.....yes, she had found it, I just pretended I didn't know how it got there.
That same Christmas, I'd purchased several items, and hidden them under my bed, new house slippers, pjs, a few new clothes, that sort of thing.  Christmas morning, Miss Priss, the youngest, would always wake at about 2:30 or 3:00am and guard the tree until the last holdout got out of bed, usually her dad, who, no matter how early he got up every other morning of the year, slept in on Christmas.  Anyway, finally everyone opened their gifts, we had a big breakfast, and that evening we sat around talking about all the presents.  Miss Practical, the older daughter said she'd gotten everything she wanted for  Christmas, except she would have liked a pair of house slippers like younger sister received....I'm sitting there thinking, then jump up and run to the bedroom, where sure enough, her slippers were still under the bed, 12 hrs after they'd opened all their gifts.

And then there was the Christmas...
I was about 5, I guess, and developed a wonderful case of strep throat..I was so sick that I could barely crawl out of bed.  We lived waaaay down a dirt road, not near any other houses, and I was just sure that Santa would never find our house.What do I get for Christmas that year...The only gift I remember was a little 'Doctor's bag' with a toy stethoscope, needle for giving shots, and some candy pills...I took those pills religiously, and they didn't help my throat one bit.  I was sorely disappointed, I can tell you for sure.

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  1. LOL- I love those old memories. It was the "story" in our family that every year at Christmas we got something. One year it was measles..one year it was chicken pox..one year it was strep throat..but the worst I remember was that my brother got whopping cough..and I didn't by some strange hand of fate. I can remember him running through the house to throw open the door in the dead of winter so he could "catch his breath". I think he was 3 so I would have been 7.

    Thanks for the smiles today-Hugs-Diana