Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a beautiful day...

No, it isn't warm, and no the sun isn't shining at the moment.  No one is coming to visit, and I'm not headed anywhere, except maybe the grocery store.   But my joints aren't screaming at the moment, my belly is full, and I have a great dh.  (now don't quote me on that, as he can get on my  nerves at a moments notice, and probably will, before the day ends).  I am just in a great mood today.  I plan on doing a couple of projects that I've been thinking about, for awhile.  I also have a book to read, and need to post another chapter of my 'writing' for you to read...

I don't think that cheeseburger needed butter on it, lol, but I will have to give that a try.  Do you put it on the patty, or do you put it on the bun?   There are a few things I won't try, but butter on anything isn't one of them...
Now we will discuss boiled okra and/or boiled peanuts on another day. 


  1. You put it on the burger when it is hot off the pan so that it melts down and then put the bun top on. They also add onions fried in butter here until they are carmelized too....along with the pat of butter. Welcome to Wisconsin! Hugs-D

  2. Oh, I love the carmelized onions, and I also throw some bell peppers in the mix, too.