Thursday, November 11, 2010

It is 11/11/10

And before long all the leaves will be falling from the trees, and I'll be outside raking them into piles, and carrying them to the back to use as mulch in a year or so.

OK, just so you know you aren't 'not seeing things' I deleted the 2 chapters of the story that I'd posted.
I'll post some more  of it later on, but I am going to do some rewriting before I do.

We've been out in the woods for the past two days, enjoying the colors, and visiting some 'hill family'.  I had a chance to do a photo or two of a newborn girl, and I'm going to print the photos and send them to the grandmother, because of the generosity of her husband, in helping us with a project this past week.  He is getting paid, but she had to do the work around the place, while he was helping us.

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  1. Well, at least now I know where the story went! I wish I could be somewhere visiting "hill family". I am too tired to talk (imagine that)..and wish I could just kind of catch up on everything. That is nice of you to print the photos for the grandmother. I'm sure she will love them. Hugs-Diana