Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday and a full week of posting

I probably won't be as diligent as my friend, Diana, who posts something every day on her blog, but I'll try to keep it going. 
I wanted to be upbeat for Friday and they say a good deed doesn't go unpunished.  Yesterday after thinking about it for several months, I put a book in the mail for a friend.  I had purchased it for her, and just never got it over to her house, so figured if I wanted her to have it before one of us died of old age, I'd mail it.
I called her this morning, and it had arrived, you see, we only live about 13 miles apart.   She is mailing me a new cemetery census in return.  What, you don't know what a cemetery census is, you say? Well, it is a list of all the people who died to get into Pleasant Grove Scotland cemetery, updated to about 3 weeks ago.
And then the phone rings this afternoon, son wanting to know if I am interested in a book of old photos from the newspaper, said when he opened the book, the first photo was his 'aunt' Harriet Morphis.  Actually Harriet is his grandfather's aunt, but lets not split hairs. Anyway when I said yes, he bought it.
So now that you are bored, and wondering about this crazy lady who talks about long dead relatives and census of dead people, you can take a nap.  I'll be going through the book in a few minutes, as he just called and is on his way by here, to give it to me.


  1. Hello Sis! I just got home. I worked all day and then had to pick the 3 girls up..feed them...get them in know the routine. Now, because it is Friday, they get to stay up late...Whooopeee for me. As soon as I am caught up with blogs I am hitting the Road;>) if you get my drift! Hugs- Diana

  2. Oh...meant to add have fun going through that book...and I hope you enjoy your a whole new meaning to the word!