Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday morning, and I'm whining

U would have to know our wild and crazy school district, it's spread all over heck and creation, so lots of bussing going on...
yesterday afternoon, the grandkids were getting off the bus here, it was 45 minutes late, so they were starving and irritable when they arrived.
This morning, we stayed outside waiting for the bus for 45 minutes, then I finally threw on some clothes, put them in the car, and took them to school.  One made it inside just as the bell went off, the other, we were about 10 minutes late, to that school.  We tried to call the 'transportation supervisor' both days, no answer...Now, my humble (not so humble today) opinion is there should be someone at the  'Transportation Supervisor's office answering the phones until the last bus is back inside the parking lot.  But who am I to complain????? I just pay taxes....
Now for a message from our sponsors...
It is sunny and cool, and I'm smiling as I finish my coffee.

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  1. Oh...I hate busses. I rode one my whole school life! It was an hour each way to school on country roads...and miserable...always late in the morning getting to school and late in the afternoon getting home!