Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday and upbeat

Most of my votes counted, last night, but I'm well pleased with the results.
Got the dryer working again, small parts make for no dry clothes, but finally found the
part that was bad, and now it works.  Yahooo.

Did ya know that leather can be cleaned with a good quality soap?  I don't mean dawn or palmolive.  Saddle soap, which is to be used on leather, is just a soft soap with lots of moisturizing oils(glycerin) in it, unlike commercial bath soap.

Read any good books lately?  I love to read, and I have read a couple of books that are outstanding.
Maybe I'll post titles and authors tomorrow.
Smile, God loves you, and I hope you love him.

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  1. Well, aren't you the perky Miss tonight/today? What time is it? I worked 12 hours again today...2 more days to go and believe me, I am counting down! Then I have the kids for Friday night and Saturday....whooo hooo....reading? What is reading? Laundry? What is laundry? mean the mound of clothes in that little room downstairs? I named it. It can wash itself! Hugs- Diana